Balance vs Flow

People strive for balance. Work-life, passion-purpose, self-others, etc. It is not easy though to be in a state of equilibrium, it takes a lot of willpower and thought to execute and carry out. Juggling several things at the same time is serious business. Something eventually has to give in the quest to reach this elusive state. 

I’d like to instead work towards a state of flow, where one aspect of my life eases into another. Flow is typically defined as being in the zone as you perform at optimal levels. When in flow, time seems to stop as you intently focus on what is right in front of you. It is being fully present and giving one’s full self to the task on hand. And then you transition seamlessly into another aspect of your life, also giving it the same energy and vigor. Individuals who are at the top of their game, from sports to business,  perform well because they are able to harness their natural flow and have mastered turning on and off their intensity buttons. 

Flow is also about embracing the movement between seemingly contradicting states.  From lightness to groundedness, from whimsy to steady, from social to introspective, from reckless to responsible, from caring too much to not giving a shit. So I’d like to flow more and have this focus and fluidity mark the way I live each day. 

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