100 Posts

I’ve tried blogging almost a decade ago but it never seemed to work out for me. We set up manilatomorocco.com to chronicle our honeymoon registry in 2008. Then we started tinytweaks.com since my husband and I wanted to share how little changes in lifestyle can contribute to lifelong improvements. Both are no longer available online. I said then that maybe blogging was not for me since I can’t seem to stick to it.

I started http://www.wandermench.com as my personal blog to initially share my London Marathon fundraising project two years ago. Early posts were mostly about running, travel or a combination of both. Then I stopped again since life got in the way and I lost my rhythm creating content. I also just focused on training and building a business and started to feel that I don’t have to share everything on the blog (or on social media).

Last year I got extra curious about building habits. So I wanted to experiment with my blogging routine and give it one more shot. I also wanted to apply techniques on habits that I’ve been reading about and share these as well while I was going through the journey. So reaching 100 posts is a real milestone for me. Most important insight during this experiment is that habits stick if you don’t make it hard for yourself to adhere to doing it everyday. Simplifying and taking the path of least resistance are necessary to imprint habits. Moving on to the next hundred posts! 

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