Intention vs Goals

I’ve started reading Zen Habits by Leo Babauta again and it continues to resonate with me. Today I read about what he has learned in the ten years of running his blog. One of the things that struck me is his focus on intention over goals. According to him doing so has given him a deep happiness. Instead of being fixated on set objectives he sets his mind on why he chose to do something. It has allowed him to not be overly invested in an outcome that he may not have full control of. Clarifying intentions paves the way for more wholehearted living.

My husband and I had a conversation last night about being in a state of deep happiness. We agreed that we entered the year with a sense that we are where we should be despite a lot of things being uncertain. And this gives me so much comfort as I try to embrace a whole lot of things I don’t know. Maybe it’s because we have been consciously trying to distill what it is that we hold dearly, what is most important to us. But we definitely have a long way in terms of mindfulness but it’s good that choices are now filtered against intention. 

Going back to intent helps when things get muddled with details. This could be the reason why in a company or in a relationship it makes sense to have someone always looking at the bigger picture, painting the vision and driving inspiration. Otherwise it’ll just be work or a chore that we just tick off a list. It is not imbued with a full investment of the self. Intent guides action by providing meaning to what we do. Asking why we do what we do is really a day to day practice.

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