Importance of Movement

Solvitur ambulando /ˈsɒlvɪtər ˌæmbjʊˈlændoʊ/ is a Latin term which means: It is solved by walking. 

Whenever I feel lost or unhinged I walk. Or run. Movement helps me settle down and gives me time to think through what I am struggling with. I find that it helps me feel less overwhelmed and more attuned to what I should do next. More often than not, the resolution I am given is to “just keep moving, just keep doing”. Dory comes to mind when I remember this mantra. 

I realized that at work, in training and in life in general what works for me is putting one foot in front of another, focusing on a task at a time, giving each aspect the time that they deserve. The seemingly repetitive nature allows me to observe marked progress. That is also why I am drawn to ashtanga yoga because of this rigorous and sequential practice. I like having a good sense of improvement to allow for further movement. This feedback loop also fuels motivation to keep moving. 

Movement has also shaped the ten years of my marriage, which I celebrate today. My husband is a steady, steadfast man who is the fitting complement to my crazy messy self. Our partnership may be described as stable and hinged on equality and equilibrium but only the two of us know that there are micromovements that have shifted this relationship in so many ways. Admittedly, most of these were brought about by a wife who is in constant search for that which she will pour her heart into.  Anchoring on each other allowed us to just flow with the changing seasons of our marriage. We both agree that what we share is both work and play. Work because we put in the time and show up everyday and play because we still are excited to explore our individual and joint boundaries. There is also movement because there remains a space in between us where a lot of back and forth happen as we each continue to be our own persons, striving to find grace and meaning in the work that we choose to do. 

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