Most Precious Resource

I sit in the car irritated with the wrong choices that my uber driver took despite being given clear directions. I am channeling all the stoicism that I have read in the past weeks and trying not to snap at him. I am upset because I feel that he is taking away a precious resource that I have very limited amount of- time. We only have a finite amount of time per day but we live as if we have unlimited amounts of this. So people who waste time when they could’ve done otherwise just irks me so much. 

But I also reflect on the many times I have also wasted my own time, mindlessly doing things. These are the times when I know I should be focused on something but chose to do other things. These are the times when I don’t give the task the time that it deserves. And this includes idle time and consciously wasting time to recover and reset. Mindful use of time continues to be a struggle.

Even the wealthiest consider time as their most precious resource and would pay to have more of this in their busy days. Last night, during a conversation with a very successful entrepreneur he touched on time being a start-up founder’s biggest investment. A good chunk of his productive life, most of it during one’s peak, will be poured into bringing forth an idea and executing this relentlessly. So it is important that it is worth spending time on, that it brings meaning and wholeness to his life. Such is the journey I am on and everyday I beg for the grace of focus knowing that I only have a finite amount of time. 

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