Exploring Spaces Within Us

I eased into today’s yoga practice looking for more space for my body tightened by training and this weekend’s unshakable energy. When we allow ourselves the possibility of finding undiscovered nooks within us we also give permisssion to embrace our entirety. It’s a messy thing especially if you find out that underneath the calmness that you’ve cultivated and nurtured, there will always be that person driven by impulse, always impatient and perpetually shifting. 

Discovering these spaces leaves us with a sense of wonder too. We smile playfully thinking about the other ways that we may surprise ourselves. I love that feeling of unlocking as you sort out this crazy hodgepodge of selves that make up your wholeness. I think this is the reason why I crave solitude. It is to make sense of the ebb and flow that come with growth and self discovery. 

Also at yoga today, the teacher spoke of deepening the stretch to find more space. I think it is important that a little discomfort is introduced and that it is not just about trying out new things to feel a rush of adrenaline. Sometimes doing something over and over again but pushing beyond what is easy make the blood rush as well. Or sometimes it is also by pushing the boundaries of relationships and interactions. You discover more of yourself as you strive to be present to the other. But the key is to stretch beyond what is, a little at a time.

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