Being Wholehearted 

I love Brene Brown and I think a lot of what I write about spring from reading her books. So I would like to share verbatim her guideposts for wholehearted living so I will always remember:


1. Cultivating authenticity: letting go of what people think 

2. Cultivating self-compassion: letting go of perfectionism 

3. Cultivating a resilient spirit: letting go of numbing and powerlessness 

4. Cultivating gratitude and joy: letting go of scarcity and fear of the dark

 5. Cultivating intuition and trusting faith: letting go of the need for certainty 

6. Cultivating creativity: letting go of comparison 

7. Cultivating play and rest: letting go of exhaustion as a status symbol and productivity as self-worth 

8. Cultivating calm and stillness: letting go of anxiety as a lifestyle 

9. Cultivating meaningful work: letting go of self-doubt and “supposed to” 

10. Cultivating laughter, song, and dance: letting go of being cool and “always in control”

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