When Things Align

I’m not into astrological practices but the past two days I’ve been experiencing what they call stars aligning. Sometimes there are things that you want and it’s given to you when you most need it. Instead, I believe in begging to a supreme being and to the universe for the grace that you need. The answer may not be always yes. It could be not now. But it’s a surreal experience when you are given what you ask for. What is more interesting is if you are given something that you may not have fully articulated but what is truly needed. 

Over the past months, I’ve been a hesitant business builder. I feel that I didn’t really have the chops and the smarts to be a start up founder. I was worried that one of these days I’d be found and discovered as an impostor, that I was really just a “wantpreneur”. But over the course of figuring things out I’ve come to embrace the value that I can bring to the table. I’ve also accepted that I cannot fully know or be certain about everything. And that things may not work out. But that there is joy in showing up and trying everyday. So in a way it is by putting yourself out there that you help in “aligning things”.

It is not a passive waiting for things to just line up. It is an active, mindful and day to day decision to be present in the work that we do so we can be ready when opportunities strike. It is similar to a writer sitting down on his desk at the same time everyday to type up words even if he is not inspired to do so. Inspiration doesn’t just come, you work for it and you prepare for it. Some days are better than others but we just have to keep on showing up, whether things align or not. 

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