Delighting the Other

I’ve been consuming a lot of content lately related to first principles. I’m currently drawn to frameworks or ways of being in this world that may be applied across all aspects of our lives. Last night’s lesson was on the principle of always thinking of delighting the other, bringing fun and enthusiasm as you find a genuine connection where magic springs from. It is doing something with the intent to make the person in front of you delighted. 

It is a generous way of living, especially in a world marked by narcissism and egocentrism. I know I’ve been writing much about self care and keeping your own identity and self worth even in the presence of another. I think we should continue to do so because it is not opposed to thinking about the other. Giving to the other and creating something bigger than ourselves is a great source of joy. But we can give more and do more if we make sure that our own well is filled up. Abundance always begets abundance. 

When we choose to delight the other we also choose to bring our full self to every interaction. We lean into each situation, offering our enthusiasm, our lightness and our vibrance. And we create moments of magic as we do so. This daily practice allows an infusion of mystery and wonder into even the most mundane and ordinary. And that’s a life time worth showing up for everyday. 

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