Did Not Start (DNS)

Today I woke up feeling blah and didn’t have the energy to do my required training. My body and mind were both telling me to just spend the morning taking it easy and to just read my email. But I am such a soldier and will do as needed if the program calls for it. So I strike a deal to at least try to get started with today’s training. And before I could overthink it I just hopped on the treadmill. I negotiated  and dealt with my sluggish self an interval at a time. This did wonders to my psyche, much needed boost if I may say. Every time I persist despite the voices in my head, something unlocks in me. That I can be capable of something special if I set my mind on it. 

However this doggone stubbornness also has its flipside. I will keep on pounding the pavement even if sometimes it no longer is working out for me just because I already started it. I may continue doing a task over and over again, going on autopilot, just because I have built a routine around it. Because of this, I risk getting injured or burned out or uncreative. It’s a good thing that I have become more self aware of this tendency over the past years, more so in the last few months. 

Nevertheless I am glad I started. Today’s Big Magic podcast  spoke of the three lists  after a marathon. The first one shows the list of those who finished and their corresponding finishing times. The second one which is also quite lengthy is the DNF list- did not finish. The last one,  is called DNS- did not start.  It is an infinite list. Yes it is great to finish what we started but even if we didn’t at least we got started. There is much to be said about simply starting. So carry on and keep showing up. 

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