Why I Run, Write and Build

I did a half marathon on the treadmill yesterday and to keep me sane I binged on Magic Lessons podcasts. When I listen to these interviews I try to answer the questions posed on the creatives. These are the people who come up on air to talk about their struggles as they strive to create with courage and compassion. One of the questions that kept on surfacing is why we do what we do even if no one will like it or even if we don’t make money out of it. I’ll attempt to answer this today.


I wake up before the world awakes, pounding on the treadmill without breakfast in my belly, clocking in mileage while my family sleeps soundly. I’ve spent countless hours training and spent money traveling for it. I have goals and target times but the achievement of which are not a real priority and are not the real reasons why I show up everyday. If I don’t make those times I’d be fine. But I run because of the sheer joy of it. And this joy springs from choosing to spend my time to run. There is so much happiness in having a sense of control over how one spends her time. Time is the scarcest of resources and to decide to use it for something that clearly does not have any monetary gain and to do it for no one else seem selfish. But there is so much life value to be gained from just doing things for their own sake and living meaningfully in every undertaking of it.


I’ve been writing everyday for the past couple of months. Do I care if people read it? Not really. I don’t get disheartened when I see that my blog stats show no views for the day. I don’t actively promote what I write not because I’m scared of what people might think about it but because I choose to write simply for the joy of putting my thoughts into words. It is an added and valuable bonus to have people tell me that my writings have resonated with them. This gives me happiness. But the act of creating content, this very clear manifestation of creativity that is churned out everyday, is in and by itself the source of joy. Why not just journal in private? Because putting one’s creation out there is an act of courage that I’d like to practice so I learn to do it for the bigger aspects of my life. The bravery to be seen and be vulnerable is something that I’d like to hone and I think writing will help me with this. 


I would like to believe that I’m called to be a builder. In this case, a builder of business. I am still a bit hesitant because I think that I’m not ready for this. Sometimes I catch myself feeling small and lacking in confidence whenever I can’t figure out shit. But then again I’m surrounded by people who believe I can and who are there to teach me to be a better builder. This part of my life takes up most of my time now. I’ve chosen to focus on this and pour my heart into this. Why? Because I just want to create something meaningful everyday. Because I want to spend time learning to build and then just building away. I want to take an expansive and audacious vision  and turn this into granular actions that I can work on a daily basis. I want to do work that matters everyday. So even if I don’t get to achieve all the goals and targets, I’d like to keep on plodding on because showing up and being present to it is all that matters. 

So why do I do what I do? Because why not 🙂 

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