A Taste of Falling

This morning I fell from my head stand. If there is one thing that has stopped me from just letting go and easing into this part of the yoga practice it is the fear of falling. I’ve overthought this and have played various worst case scenarios in my head- from breaking my neck to getting paralyzed. But it happened and it wasn’t so bad. If this is the thing that I so fear and it did not kill me then I’ll be fine and can surrender more into this practice. 

A taste of failure is necessary to remind us that sometimes the stories in our heads are worst than what could actually happen. We know this rationally but still we constantly have to be reminded to get out of our heads so we may move forward. Tim Ferris shares that he does a monthly practice of subsisting on just beans, living a spartan lifestyle so he can experience what it may be like if he lost all his money. He did not die and he found out that he could take it and that it’s not so bad. So yeah, a lot of our everyday struggles can actually be dealt with if we come to terms with our psyche. 

For the next few months I’ll be meeting a lot of people to present what I have built. I am bracing myself for rejections and cringing at the thought of going through this. I’ve done this before but this time around it is for something that I started myself. Self doubt starts to seep in when I think about possibly being criticized or failing to deliver what we promise. I want to be super ready and prepared for anything but I realized I can’t ever be. I just have to let the process run its course as I put myself out there, learning along the way. I will just have to constantly remind myself that I will not die and the world will not stop if I hear another NO. I just have to remember that I will never be fully ready and the best I can do is just attempt and keep trying. 

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