You Are That

I love this line by Rumi because in its simplicity it captures the wholeness and complexity of the self. Lately I’ve been extra curious about this duality that seems to be part of every individual. I’m intrigued how this polar nature shapes decision making and how it frames our world view. I personally think that it makes experiences richer when viewed from opposing lenses of light and dark. The layering makes things a bit more interesting. 

This is not saying that we have to unnecessarily complicate matters by filtering through multiple and diverse perspectives all the time. It is simply pointing out that within us are contradictions that make us into the dynamic beings that we are and this is the filter through which we see the world.   Knowing this allows us to see our full selves in our choices. It is embracing the shadow as much as we accept our lightness. 

Brene Brown reminds us to keep this shadow in front of us so we can see it, so it is not lurking within where it can wreak havoc. If it is in front of us, if we are mindful of it we know what it’s up to and can deal with it squarely. We might address it disparagingly at times but what works better is gently talking to it like we would coax a loved one. This gentle self awareness is a form of self care that we owe to ourselves. No one else will care for us in this manner than the self who is with you and who you have to live with every second of the day. 

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