Six Star Medal

I saw on my feed yesterday that the World Marathon Majors have launched a new website. So I just quickly browsed through it and lingered over a photo of the Six Star Medal. This is the medal that individuals who have run all six of the marathon majors- Berlin, Chicago, New York, London, Tokyo and Boston- receive together with a certificate bearing their finishing times. I remember seeing this when it was launched last year at the Tokyo Marathon. I was emotional looking at it and looking at the photo exhibit depicting the wonderful emotions seen in these races. I also vividly recall how I reminded myself that one day I will get one. 

2012 was the start of this journey when I first learned about the majors when I saw an exhibit about it at the Berlin Marathon. I thought then, “wouldn’t it be nice if I get to finish the world’s major races?”.So I spent the next years just finding my own means to put together travel and running international marathons. When I finished 5 out of 6 in 2015 I said I will work to complete this. Boston was the last one, the hardest to get into because of the rigid time requirements. I tried to do a Boston qualifier in 2015 but failed so I said I’d try again. And I finally got to do so last year at the Tokyo Marathon. 

So this “Road to Majors” project is five years in the making. As I prepare to run Boston this coming April I am reminded of how much running and racing has shaped me over these years. It has allowed me to transpose the same dedication and rigor into the other aspects of my life. It has taught me the value of showing up everyday no matter what. It has given me a perspective against which I view habits and consequently, happiness. It now is compelling me to put myself out there more so I can help others too as they go through a similar journey. We all can achieve our own six stars, we just gotta show up everyday. 

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