Being a Risk Taker

It was my daughter’s sixth birthday yesterday. She says she wants to always be a little girl. But yesterday I saw how she is now a big girl. To many people, she is such a shy and timid girl. She is quiet and when she does speak you could barely hear her. She would rather make herself small and blend with the background instead of being the center of attention. But when she is with us at home she is the spirited, outspoken and strong willed person that she truly is. 

So on the night of her birthday she suddenly insisted on sleeping on the side where her brother stays. She said just for one night. I thought maybe she just wanted to do so because it was her birthday and just wanted to do something special. But my son, who is an individual set in his ways and who wants to do things a certain way, was clearly distraught with this. He was in tears trying to dissuade her. But she stood her ground. I asked them to talk about it, trying hard not to meddle. 

Then my daughter sits up in bed, clearly worked up. She can hold her emotions pretty well until she can’t anymore. She speaks up between sobs. “I just want to be a risk taker. We talked about this in school. I want to try new things. It is good to take risks.” Such big words from a tiny girl. And so I hugged her and just held her  in my arms, whispering that it is great to take risks but then we also have to consider that doing so has consequences. I wanted to reassure her that taking risks is perfectly okay and that she should continue doing so. 

Our children really teach us some of our most important lessons. Their innocence and acceptance for what is give us a shining example of how we should be in this world. I am just happy to have them to guide me everyday as I strive to open myself up to the world unconditionally. 

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