Being an Explorer

I’ll be traveling for a couple of weeks this April. It’s primarily to run two marathons but just like with the previous ones I’ve done, it is the perfect excuse to explore a city. So it was just timely that this morning’s podcast featured Joshua Foer, author and founder of Atlas Obscura. This passion project started as a website that featured places that are interesting but are off the grid. Then an avid community got built around it, submitting their own discoveries. It has now bred a group of individuals whose mission is to find wonder everyday, even in the places they have lived in for their entire lives.

I want to be this kind of person who is curious to discover. I’d like to be an explorer finding nuggets of wisdom in niche places or finding nooks and passages that lead to surprising experiences. They may not all be delightful and most may be uncomfortable but doing so makes one feel alive and purposely doing. So I want to get started on an everyday mission to just wonder and ask “why” or “why not” when faced with a situation where I find myself intrigued. 

For the upcoming trip, this will be the theme too. And it seems fun to just use the Atlas Obscura as a guide to see less of the usual places. Apart from the obscurity what is interesting is the history, why these remain in the fringes of mainstream society and why they came into existence in the first place. It is a good way to learn more about a city even if you’ve already been there. It might be a fun personality indicator too, as you understand yourself with what you get curious about. So let’s be explorers everyday! 

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