Getting Off the Runway

I feel that I’ve been on the runway for a while now. I’ve been learning stuff, experimenting, meeting people, dabbling in different experiences, acquiring skills- those are all still part of being on the runway. This is an important part because this is where we gain the momentum to lift off. But I believe it is time to take off and to start on doing the work that will take me from zero to one, from nothing into something. This applies to several facets of my life right now. 

At work, I think I’ve validated enough and all I gotta do is just execute like crazy. That is  both an exciting and scary thought. It is exciting because I get to build and see how it goes. On the other hand it is scary because I know I will fail many times over and I’m not sure if I’m fully ready for that. So I procrastinate under the guise of preparation and perfectionism. But it is time to focus and do the difficult stuff, there is no other way. It is time to lift off. 

In my running,  I’ve been showing up and doing the work. But I’d like to strive for mastery that is not based on faster times or races joined. I would like to work towards excellence that is defined by a state of flow. I long for an experience of running where time seems to stop when I hit the road. I get glimpses of this but what I would like to achieve is fully knowing how to take myself to this level mindfully every single run. Time to take off this running runway. 

In my writing I’ve been showing up everyday as well, creating something during my daily commute. This has given me much clarity. I’ve also started writing things not for anyone’s consumption but myself. Because I want to create I have also been deliberately consuming content that I am interested in so I have matter to work with. But the thing with a daily practice is that it seems like a preparation for something that needs to culminate somehow. I believe the daily writing is something in itself but I can’t seem to shake off the feeling that I can push it much further. A book perhaps? I don’t know but I do know that I hope that what I share may help others who may be going through a similar situation. I want to resonate with others and help journey with them. Perhaps the take off for this aspect is related to getting my writing outside my circle. 

In my relationships, I’ve substantially pared down so I can devote time and energy to those who really matter. I can count on one hand my closest friends. I also spend quality time with my partner and children even if we are not doing anything. But I think I can further simplify so I can focus on loving each one wholeheartedly. Being fully present to them is my way of getting off this runway everyday. 

When it comes to my relationship with myself, I think I’ve gotten much better in terms of awareness, acceptance and understanding. I’m definitely much more gentle with how I deal with who I am and have found the value that allows me to give to others and to the world. But I think that this anchoring is just the first step to explore the edges that I seem drawn to. I am scared of this shit and so I know that I have to pursue those that awaken such fear in me. I’d like to open my mind and my heart to the possibilities of being that is in me and that is out there. 

So let’s get ready and brace for take off! 

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