One Month to Go

I’m entering my eighth week of training. At the start of every program, I always feel overwhelmed and uncertain whether I can finish it, unsure if I can stick to it to the letter. Yes I’ve done so in the past but I always start with much trepidation. So I’ve learned to take it a day at a time, a week at a time. And before I know it, I’ve done seven weeks. 

Each of us have our preferred training regimen. Some like to clock in maximum mileage doing at least 100 kilometers a week, having several 30km+ long runs for the training period. Others like to combine it with multiple sports like spinning and swimming. What works best for me is a program with reduced mileage, focused effort and varied workouts. I average between 50-60 kilometers a week with four run-specific days which include interval, speed, hills, tempo and long runs. In between I spin, do yoga and a bit of strengthening exercises. I like it because I don’t feel burned out. Perhaps it is also because recovery is part of the program. 

So the coming weeks we pack in the mileage. I think I’m ready to do so. I feel that my fitness base is strong and I also don’t feel any pressure at all to finish at a certain time. Maybe this is the reason why I enjoy the training. I’m in a much more relaxed state. I actually perform better this way too, when I am able to flow and just get out of my head. Can’t wait to race but until then, we take it a week at a time. 

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