Bringing Your Full Self

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to meet and listen to a very successful Japanese businessman. He is an investor and have had various successes launching and scaling enterprises. But more than his success, what struck me was his overall philosophy about business and perhaps life in general. I only got to interact with him for a little over an hour but I was intrigued by his methods which seem to be hinged on very solid first principles. I’ve been trying to read up lately on decision making using fundamental tools and frameworks that’s why I was keen when he spoke about his business philosophies. 

He says he invests in ventures that leverages off market forces, seeing opportunities and not going against it or trying to outwit it. It is knowing that there are macroeconomics that you cannot control and focusing instead on ways that would use these to your clear advantage. It is having clarity of proposition that is hinged on a very obvious pain point. What is interesting too is how he brings mindfulness into the work that he does. He seems to be a very curious individual, self aware and world aware. And he brings this in the way he interacts, the careful way he chooses his words and more apparently in the business he invests in. He has one that is in the healthcare industry but is directed towards holistic health that includes mindfulness, habits and well being. 

I strive to be someone who also brings my full self everyday to work. I am aware that there are several facets that may not always be in agreement with each other but I think the contradiction adds to a more interesting whole. It also helps me become more compassionate and understand that there is not just one way to see things. That my lens may not always be the clearest. I hope that as a leader I get to encourage my team to do the same. I believe bringing our full selves to work will push us to be better versions of ourselves everyday 🙂 

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