Just One Thing 

I have to constantly remind myself to be present in all that I do, no matter how mundane. It becomes second nature to be thinking of the next things that need to be done, of how the day will flow. Then it becomes how the week will play out then the months then the years. Or i could also be fixated on something that happened yesterday, brooding over things I did not do, words I strongly said. The past and future clutter my headspace. 

So I practice deliberately reminding myself to “just do this one thing now”. I try to be fully present even if it is just showering or just stretching. It becomes more interesting when I apply this to what I consider as matters of great consequence. When I just run, just work, just talk, just listen, just be silent, just pray, just read, just write. I’d like to just be in every thought, utterance and action. 

This also means employing all the senses in my interactions. Doing so allows me to also remember things more intimately. The senses imprint our memories in a special way. We recall details more if we engage all senses, making all our faculties fully present to receive the moment. When we sense, we are present and we remember- all just by being here, now. 

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