Loving Long Runs

I love going on long runs. I can run by myself for hours until I get hungry. I obviously fear starvation over exhaustion. There is something about the steady rhythm of one foot in front of another over a period of time that relaxes me. I am unconcerned of speed or time or pace. I just am conscious of my form as I ease into a comfortable state. My mind wanders sometimes and I just let it. Then I reign it back in so I am simply present as I run. If I am with someone I try to sense if a conversation is warranted. Otherwise I just keep silent, happy to be in the company of someone who also chose to spend this time to run. 

The long runs also signal that I am about to taper off and that I am at the peak of my training. This also means that my physical fitness is at an optimal state. I feel stronger and more confident as I tick off the rest of my program. It puts me in a good mental state as well, a readiness that springs from accomplishing the training milestones I set out for myself. The psyche in its proper state is what ties the whole thing together and what gives a holistic approach to the marathon preparation. 

I look forward to the remaining weeks of training. There is nothing like starting and finishing something. This always gives me a confidence that is transportable to the various aspects of my life. There is power in the belief that we can accomplish things if we set our minds and hearts on these. This is a mindset that I’d like to practice at work too. It is much harder admittedly but the principles hold true. So let us just carry on with this training program called life 🙂 

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