Meaningful Coincidences

I like the term “meaningful coincidences”. It is closely tied to my belief that there is no such thing as an acccident. Every interaction is part and parcel of a larger scheme of things that is not entirely within our control. I used to get super uptight and defensive when faced with scenarios that I feel I don’t have any  influence over.  I’m much better at it now and I owe it to a more conscious acceptance of the extent of what I can handle. It is a methodical approach that I have practiced to just address this. Hey this is how I know how to do things so I’ll just apply to just increase my success rate. 

But I like being in the midst of these coincidences, curious with  what sticks and what doesn’t, what I say yes to and what I choose to just let pass. The thought process and corresponding action makes me understand myself a bit more and also leaves me with increased empathy over another. I owe it to a more heightened awareness as I try to engage fully in the situations I choose to be in. 

Given that each interaction is meaningful, I strive to give myself fully and be present in these seemingly unrelated coincidences. I continue to write about being present as a reminder to always be so, to lean in always despite the situation. Not easy but just gottta keep at it. 

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