Sharing Our Energy

I rarely show dejection but today I allowed myself to do so. I drew in the energy I usually exude and felt the room’s energy consequently go down. This made me realize that our individual presence is really a gift of energy to others. There is power and responsibility in this. Power because when we retreat and disengage from what is happening, we choose to take back that gift. Responsibility because it rests on us where we direct this  vibrance towards. 

But thinking about it just in the context of power and responsibility does not articulate the sense of abundance that you get out of shared energy. When you engage with all your heart, mind and senses, the ripples of enthusiasm attracts others’ as well. There now is a vitality that is more than the sum of each individual’s contribution. A spark is ignited and lights up the room. 

But today, I consciously gave myself the permission to let that spark dim a bit. And it’s okay to let others feel the light losing its effervescence. It is a way to self care so you can reset and share again. Everyday I choose to be the light and love that I want to see more of in this world. But today, I need a break from that. 

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