Claiming Your Power

This morning I listened to an interview with Christine Day, CEO of Luvo. She used to be CEO of Lululemon and President of APAC for Starbucks. She spent most of her career or twenty full years growing Starbucks from a five-store business doing USD 2m a year into an iconic brand with USD 7B revenues before she left it in 2006. Then she moved on to lead Lululemon during a time when they have just gone public but had no real scale up strategy in place. So she set that up and grew from USD 190M to USD 1B in a span of five years. Now she is working on a passion business in the healthy food space.

Asked what is one advice that she would share to women leaders and she mentioned one line- Claim your power. We as women often are portrayed as the servant leader, always in servitude of another. There is nothing wrong with that but if you don’t claim power you are not really leading. What does it mean to claim power? It means standing for ourselves and what we believe in. It is being true and authentic to the purpose that we set out for ourselves. If we are not sure about this purpose, at least having clarity with the curiosities and choices that we make now. It is also leaning into the discomfort when faced with uncertainty and even when we make others feel uncomfortable. It is about the ability to set directions while living with the criticisms when you make the wrong call. Not easy but there is power in owning your purpose and how you do things. 

For me, it is also about not being afraid to say you don’t know but then harnessing that power to figure things out. It is giving yourself the permission to be okay when you admit that you don’t know shit but that you will find out who can help you with it. It is about collecting the pieces of your broken self every single time and rising up to take on yet another day. 

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