Importance of a Pause

I’ve a lot of things on my mind lately and my headspace has been a little too cluttered than usual. I don’t like being in such a state since it affects my overall productivity. So many things on my plate but I decided to just take a short pause to reset. It’s a good thing that where we set off to had erratic signal that allowed for a bit of a detox from being connected. It also helped that the people who we were with were a mix of old and new friends, more of the new ones that called for increased engagement and attention. 

It helped that we were close to the sea. There is something about being so close to sun and sea. It does wonders to my soul and it heightens my senses like no other. I can just laze all day gazing at all the shades of blue and inhaling clean salty air. I don’t even have to do anything. That’s the whole beauty of it. 

I’d like to take more of these brief breaks throughout the week, months or even days. I deliberately break the day with movement as a form of reset. It helps with context switching or even of getting out a of that feeling of being stuck. It also allows my mind to actively rest as I struggle with a challenge or a problem that seems to need alternative solutions. It is not a waste of time but is actually a more mindful use of it since you consciously anchor yourself so you can put your head and heart in their right places. 

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