On Motivation

Last night I had the opportunity to share a bit of my story as a start-up entrepreneur/athlete/writer/mom/wife/passion project advocate. I discovered that I am what people call a slasher:) Anyway, one of the questions that made me stop and ponder before giving a reply was about my motivation for doing things  and for showing up everyday. I realized that I do not have a ready answer for this. Really, why do I do what I do? 

The deliberate act of showing up is the motivation in itself. Knowing that you have a choice on how your day will flow or even a portion of it, does wonders for the spirit. Having that sense that you can chart your path everyday even if a lot of things remain uncertain and not within your control infuses the day to day with meaning. 

But I ask myself if this is the only driver. Maybe it’s also the possibility that we could be better versions of ourselves, giving greater value to others and to the world. Perhaps this motivates us too. That what we are doing is not just a selfish act of mastery for its own sake but a purposive approach to bringing forth meaning in other people’s lives. It may start with the self but as the self finds meaning it also seeks to share this to others. It’s is about finding our flow so this too might energize another. I think I’m happy with that answer. 

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