On Procrastination 

I procrastinate when I am uncertain about how to do something. When I feel that I can’t understand it fully or that it seems more complex than what I think I can comprehend, I do something that is easy but not necessary. The busy work prevents me from dealing with something I don’t know. I tell myself that I am accomplishing something by doing these little things but really, who am I kidding. I end up spent and all over the place but have not done anything that takes me a step closer to what I really need to finish. 

I’ve  gotten much better at catching myself when I do this but it is a daily challenge especially now that I am faced with multiple uncertainties. I have yet to see the day when I thrive in not knowing fully but I’ll take these little improvements anytime. Little steps at a time towards an improved non-procrastinating self but so far what has helped are the following tiny tweaks: 

  • Recognizing the impulse to procrastinate and gently setting this aside. 
  • Taking a small step related to the task I’m holding off and doing this instead. Then the next, one foot in front of the other. 
  • Talk to people who can help with the seemingly 
  • Taking away my go-to procrastination tactics. 
  • Shaking it off by taking breaks in between tasks to reset and change context.
  • Scheduling procrastination or timing it. 
  • If all else fails, at least find delaying tactics that are geared towards learning or knowledge building.

It is  a work in progress, but just like in everything else, the key is to just keep on practicing, everyday. 

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