Yearly Themes

It is not my birthday month nor is it the new year but I’d like to revisit this year’s theme. I was reminded by this as I was listening to a podcast featuring WordPress’ CEO Matt Mullenweg. His current theme is stillness, symmetry and following the yellow arrows. Maybe it’s also the end of the first quarter and I’m in the midst of a lot of things that is why  I have this need to take stock of where I’m at. I think mine is about growth, learning and deliberate movement. 

Growth because I am in that awkward stage of finding my footing in the work that I do. I am fully engaged because of the many moving parts but also feeling unsure and even sometimes unhinged. It’s like being an adolescent all over again, thriving in the novelty but also seeking to retreat from it when things get a little too overwhelming. 

But there lies the learning. I am thirsty for knowledge and experiences. I am more curious than usual. I am not as afraid as I used to and just ask questions. I have yet to get over my hesitation in networking events but even with that I have gotten much better. I’m consuming content, absorbing as much as I can and trying to apply bits and pieces of these in work, training and life in general. My senses are heightened as well as I learn from various fronts. 

But I think deliberate movement is a necessary complement to both growth and learning. Choosing what to take in and which direction to take ourselves towards give a framework that does not lend life to just randomness. Being conscious about how we do things and more importantly why we do what we do guides  our actions. Having this sort of compass grounds me and keeps me centered despite the pulls of daily life. So here’s to growth and hyper learning anchored by purposive living.  

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