Transformation and Consistency 

I realized that I value consistency and that it is something that I try to uphold too in my everyday practice. I think there is much to be said about deliberately choosing to do a task day in and day out even if all fiber of your being rebels against it. They say that if you don’t feel like doing it that is when you should do so. People tend to not stick to something for fear that they won’t be able to sustain it, that they are just setting themselves for failure anyway. The thought of doing an activity repeatedly for long periods is daunting and that’s totally understandable. But there is a self transformation taking place when we choose constancy.

I listened to Kamal Ravikant, author of Rebirth and Love Yourself, talk about this topic in a chat with James Altucher.  He shared his journey as a pilgrim, walking the Camino de Santiago in Spain for almost eight months. He asked fellow pilgrims how to go about it and it was the same answer, one foot in front of another. A little step at a time is what it takes to get to whatever destination we set for ourselves. There is really no other way, no shortcut. We just get better at it as we consistently do. We rise up from our funk faster as we keep trying. 

Consistency breathing life to transformation is what I strive and aspire for. There is a cleansing quality to having these daily rituals and routines that make up a part of our days. The parts that are more fluid can go several ways and in different directions. But if we have a hold on at least a portion of how our daily lives flow, the transformation can cascade to our other layers. 

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