Fine Tuning for Boston

There’s not much to do a week before a race than fine tuning to make sure that the body and mind are in tiptop shape on race day. So this week I finally went for a much needed back check up. My upper right back has been bugging me for almost two years already but I have just gotten used to the discomfort. It is the first part of my body that gets tired and strained not just during training but as I go about my day. There is a lot of energy wasted as I try to align and stretch it during practice. So I decided to get some work done on it to make sure that all the little kinks are managed before I leave for Boston.

I’ve always thought that the pain was caused by an imbalance in my hip that pulls my right shoulder forward, causing the right part of my back to compensate for the misalignment and that in turn causes the tightness in the neck muscles. I was surprised to find out that what caused all this strain is the tight neck muscles. What I thought was the effect is the root cause. Marvin Sevilla, one of the lead specialists at ProHealth Sports and Spinal Physiotherapy Centre, explained this to me and administered therapy that effectively loosened the knots. 

It was my first time to try this newly opened facility at the Centuria Medical Tower and so I was surprised as well when I learned that it has been operating in various parts of the world for  17 years, offering back and neck pain treatment, spinal rehabilitation and occupational and sports therapy. I’m just happy I went because I have been trying to manage this pain by doing various exercises but not really getting to the real cause. So the pain has gone away for now and I hope that it will continue to be this way even after the a prolonged period. This is just the right fine tuning that is necessary to be race ready. 

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