Traveling Again

It’s been a while since I went on a long trip. I used to maximize my leave days to get away. Each month I had to escape to find respite somewhere else. But for the past two years this has not been the case. Perhaps it really helps to find an alignment in personal and professional interests. Or maybe I’m just a happier person now with no real need to retreat so I may reset. 

This trip will revolve around two of my passions- traveling curiously and running wholeheartedly. It will be marked by three races that are all so interesting. First stop is the world’s oldest and most prestigious marathon in Boston. There’s nothing like sharing the course with some of the strongest runners from all over the globe, all sharing in the history of this race. The second one is a fun one at Disney’s Star Wars Half Marathon. Who wouldn’t want to run alongside this epic’s most loved characters or served water along the run  by Storm Troopers? The whole trip will be capped off at one of the most scenic courses in the world, Big Sur. It is a small marathon but so hard to get into because of its spectacular route. 

This trip is also special because we get to spend time with old friends who we have been wanting to visit for so many years. We have also tried to weave meetings with people and events we can attend to make the trip a learning opportunity as well. I like how it is structured but remains fluid since it leaves a lot of room for flexibility. Being opportunistic when it comes to travel is something that I would like to practice on this trip. 

It’s also great to travel with my husband again. It’s a good thing we are best friends so we can deal with each other’s crazies despite being together 24/7. We genuinely like to hang out and also do stuff so I look forward to a mix of busy and chill days.  Just happy to be on the road again, to run, learn and be inspired. 

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