Relaxing in the Now

I tried one of Tara Brach’s meditation today. It’s called “The Center of Now”. Comprised of body scanning and sensing, she calls the individual to ease into a relaxed presence. There is no forcing nor judgement. It is interesting though that she seems to know exactly at which part of the practice the mind wanders.She actually thinks that’s okay so that the mind may be trained for “homecoming”, a bringing back of the attention to the present. 

It was just a 16 minute exercise but I had a hard time getting out of my head. My mind kept on fluttering away and I had to constantly coax it back. I was in such a state when I entered today’s unguided yoga class. This further escalated my stress considering I was already feeling the pressure of remembering all the poses. But then I remembered what a friend said about yieldedness and I chose to lean into this instead. 

Yieldedness seems to be about letting go. But it is an active ceding of control, a kind of faith that surrenders in its humility and preparedness. It is easing up all the holdings within so we can create a space where the stillness can reside. Not easy but what helped today was a soft smile that gave way to openness and acceptance. The lifting of the eyes and the mouth as I smiled were enough to release the tension. Once again, I get to witness how small, simple tweaks work to make a whole world of difference, a tiny step at a time. 

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