Being Too Much 

We often apologize when we over react to things. We say sorry when we think we are demanding or asking for more than we normally do. We feel guilty when we are “too much”. Oftentime I am this way, not wanting to be a burden to anyone. I don’t like asking much from others and am extra careful not to be too much. 

But one of yesterday’s Brain Pickings readings gave me so much comfort, touching on why it is perfectly okay to be so. Apologizing when you strongly ask for what you need and want is tempering the significance of that which you are asking for. And sometimes when you keep things steadily at bay, others will not fully grasp how important it is for you. Your overreaction and impatience are indicators of what matters to you. So it is good to listen to these things that lead us to emotional excess. 

I can count on one hand those who have witnessed me being a little too much. I kinda want to keep it this way since I value the privacy that only is accessible to the closest of relationships. I may write about what I think and feel but these are those that I don’t mind sharing with everyone for the purpose of opening the possibilities for others too. But I’d like to curb the tendency to apologize for “out-of-character” actions or responses. Or maybe I’ll just hang out more with the few people who are totally fine with me being a little too much. 

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