Filling the Cup

I haven’t written for a couple of weeks. Instead I spent the time just consuming content spanning the topics that I am currently curious about- from podcasts to blogs to books and even from conversations. I’ve also been experimenting with various meditation techniques and practicing my yoga almost everyday. I needed the pause to fill up my cup so I can give more in all that I do, including writing. 

The content themes hover around presence, mindfulness, attention, introspection, decision making, relationships and the different layers of love. These may seem varied but I have observed intersections which I will be writing about in the next posts. Perhaps I am  drawn to these subjects because these are most apt for my current state.  It is interesting though that my husband seems to be consuming the same content so we now have animated and engaged conversations around these. 

I noticed also that people’s eyes light up when they talk about these stuff, as much as they do when talking about the work that they spend most of their waking time on. I suddenly am curious why there seems to be an increased interest  and remarkably so in tech and start up environments. It could be due to the uncertainties that are at the core of entrepreneurship. Because things are inherently unsure there is a need to find an anchor, a steady practice that one can latch on amidst the chaos. We discover this and we define it for ourselves as we strive for a kind of groundedness that allows us to be our most free selves.

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