Mindfulness and Start-Ups

I’ve been observing start up entrepreneurs more closely this past month, trying to understand why startup people are into mindfulness. I try not to bring it up in conversations but it seems to crop up at one point when people start to talk about how we cope with the uncertainties of the work that we have chosen. Someone pointed it out succinctly and said that it is because of the culture of “We’re fucking slayin’ and killin’ it”. Even if they are truly troubled about a million things, totally unsure of how to do things and where things will go they project that they’ve figured it out down pat.

This could be the reason why there is clamor for meditation as a way to make sense of things and settle into a stable state while the world tumbles in disarray. It is a way of finding order in the chaos. But more than that it is a practice to gain not just calmness but focus and clarity. It is a time to detach and distance one’s self from the everyday impatience. At its core is also an intent to discover the connections that we can’t seem to arrive at during our day to day problem solving and troubleshooting. 

For me it is also having a unique time all to myself, in silence. The solitude is a form of self care that is much needed in a world that is noisy and hyperconnected. Before anyone or anything else vies for my attention, I give stillness to myself as an everyday gift. Being present to this practice has allowed me too to be present in all that I do. This is the gift that I hope to give to the world every single day. 

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