Breaking Things 

To build things, you must first break things. It’s part of the cycle of creation- trying, tearing things apart, then failing, learning and doing everything all over again. Wash, rinse, repeat, doubling down on what works and letting go of those that don’t. You can’t just build over old rocks. As Rumi says a crumbling is necessary for wildflowers to sprout. 

These were percolating in my consciousness while I had a lengthy chat with a friend. We spoke about a similar theme, the importance of having a strong finish so you can have a strong start. It is a mindset that allows you to funnel your energy for a definitive closure but mindful that you need to take this momentum to an equally impactful start. I think though, more than the intensity of closing it is the choice to put closure that fuels an outstanding open. 

We can ponder all we want on what to close, what to break, what to let go of and not do anything. Such is the case most of the time since making that call is the hardest. But in reality, thinking about it is the scarier part. The anticipation of the expected hurt is what is most painful. But the call is to just do and in doing so we carry on to a strong opening, moving on towards the flow that we seek.  

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