Raising Strong Children 

My favorite part of the movie Wonder Woman was not the action-packed scenes but those that showed how powerful, statuesque, beautiful women raised and trained the young Diana. I want to be just like one of these strong Amazonas, exuding strength and confidence while remaining to be nurturing. They fight with as much passion as they love those they hold dearly. I wanna grow up just like them. 

I had to grow up quickly given my circumstances and pretty much learned all that I know about adulting as I ambled along. It is a strength and stubbornness that was borne out of need. One of the things that worry me as I raise my children is that things are much easier for them and because of this they will grow up weak. That’s why I often remind them to figure things out and let them be so they can find their own stuff to do. We raised them to not need and want much, imbuing them with positivity and gentleness.

But sometimes I don’t think what I say or do is enough to equip them with the resilience that will allow them to thrive in the world. I don’t know any other way but to just show them through the daily practices that I do.  From play to work to rest, each one hopefully communicating to my little ones that it is the process of gaining strength that is most important. I hope they will also learn to show up in all that they choose to do and in doing so they grow up to be the strong and compassionate individuals who bring value to the world. 

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