The Process

One of the things that I learned from running that I try to apply in work and life in general is the importance of process over goals. Goals are there as guideposts but they can be overwhelming and at times seem unreal. But what is available now for one to do is the day to day process of getting there. What actual tasks can I hold in my head and can do now to take me closer to where I want to be at? This is the process, building everyday habits to achieve what we set out to accomplish. 

Focus on the process is harder at the start as you weave it into a routine. But as it becomes integral to your personal operating system you get better at it. The gains may be incremental but over time you get to see the progress steadily building up towards the goal that you set out to do. What is critical though is to continue to be mindful how you practice it so that it’s not just about doing tasks in autopilot but paying attention every single time for opportunities to optimize. There always is room to get better at it. 

I want to do more of this process- centric thinking at work. Admittedly much can be improved here. I have yet to get to a certain rhythm so I can operate with some semblance of clockwork. Semblance because I have to embrace the fact that startups are by nature bereft with uncertainty. What may work then is to make room for this inevitability in the systems and processes that I set up for myself and my team. The challenge is not just how to operationalize but to thrive and flourish in a culture that integrates experimentation and rigor. Now how to do this. I don’t know yet but perhaps we can start by just showing up to the tasks that we said we would do everyday. 

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