Your Heart’s Desire

What is that we desire the most? Some have ready answers to this question, having known what they want to focus their energy and time on. Others are discovering it while dabbling in different things to figure it out. While some have resigned to just going with the flow since they think they don’t have the capacity to  find out the answer to this or that they can’t afford to even think about this question since they just have to do what they do to make ends meet. It is a privilege to even ask this question. But it is worth asking everyday. Doing so inches us closer to that which we truly desire. 

For the longest time I did not have a ready answer. Lately though clarity has been bestowed on me. Not as an accident but as a result of deliberate practice of asking what is it that I truly want. I realized that I want to create and build value in all that I do. And why this desire? It stems from my own need of being valued and a strong urge to use my highest potential for a greater good. Ultimately I realized that it rises from a deep longing to see the divine in all that I do. 

This compass becomes the lens by which we see the world. It is the intention that directs our attention, guiding us as we choose what to focus on. Discovering it does not mean ceasing to ask questions. A constant revisiting and reclarifying is important to keep it within the realm of deliberate thought and action and not as a comfortable default. An openness to calibration as our context and circumstances shift is the vigilance needed to keep it as and active choice. And if we are not yet sure, let us be okay with a semblance of clarity, for now. 

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