The Quiet Mind

I have recently finished the book “Mastermind: How to Think Like Sherlock Holmes”. A key takeaway is the truth about the power of a quiet mind. It is a mind that is not idle and passive in its  quiet state. It is one that is like a hunter, active and ready to divert its attention on what it needs to focus on. It is a mind that is present, undivided and deliberate in sifting through what it is observing. It is alert but mindful not to pounce on the first stirrings. The space between attention and action is where the powerful mind thrives. 

I’ve always followed what I deem to be a strong intuition. I prided myself that I can read people and circumstances well. I’ve been proven wrong and I’m thankful for all these instances that I was not right. It is a wake up call to constantly revisit my assumptions and  if you know me well you know how quick I am to make such judgements. On the surface it is not obvious but sometimes I have made my mind up even before I have gotten my facts straight. 

A quiet mind is one that I aspire for. As I see myself being faced with more and more decision making opportunities with the work that I do, it is imperative to know how to think. It is also important to be mindful of my tendencies and inclinations, accepting that they exist and that they sometimes color my judgement. And it is an everyday practice to keep the mind in check. We can only will this alert mind if we continue to nurture it through training while doing. 

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