Dealing with Disappointment 

I’ve always been detached when it comes to work. I try to not be too fixated with outcomes but focus instead on the process. But when you are the sole founder of a business it’s hard to not make things personal. Pouring your heart into something definitely makes one prone to bouts of vulnerability. And I noticed that it is when I am invested in a specific outcome that I don’t get it. It is the straining and trying too hard to achieve a specific goal that adds to the pressure, suppressing flow.

And flow is what I aim for. The ability to harness peak performance as you focus on the moment of doing, on the process of creating. This is attention to action that is directed by a clear intention. It is the flow process executed day in and day out no matter what the outcome is. Part of it is trusting that if we are deliberate with our actions and clear about our intent we will reach the objectives we set for ourselves. Not easy to cede control on the end goal and instead take control on the practice of getting there every single day. 

I still get disappointed but try to think about how else I could’ve done better and also ask others to tell me where I tripped over and what I could improve on. This helps in optimizing the process so you don’t just blindly follow but course correct based on new facts presented. I have a long way to go but the self awareness is already there so I guess that’s a good start. Writing about it helps make sense of it and will help me remember the stirrings of my heart. Very helpful when I get too self confident and proud from accomplishment and also when I feel that everything is just going bonkers. 

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