Saying Yes 

I say yes to almost everything now. Especially to those things that I used to cower from. It’s not a flimsy yes but still remains to be a hell yeah. There’s not much need for filtering out, maybe because I have chosen to surround my everyday with those that I enjoy doing. It is not a hesitant yes if there is a fundamental affirmation at the core. 

I say yes even if I expect a no as a result of the exercise. For me the act of choosing to do, the attempt to try is much more important than the result. It ties back again to the practice of process and intention over obsession with a singular goal.  Saying yes seems to be an act of constant commitment but also a detachment as you trust that your consistent affirmation is what you can ultimately control, never the outcome.

What do I say yes to now? I say yes to spending time with those dearest to me, and I realized that I have very few. I say yes to opportunities to go to the fringes, pushing beyond my limits. I say yes to meaningful work. I say yes just because it is fun. I say yes for the sake of practice. I say yes to listening. I say yes just because. I say yes to both the new and ordinary. I say yes, everyday. 

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