Solo Travel

I’ve always enjoyed traveling by myself, having no agenda except to spend time on my own. I haven’t done so recently maybe because I have not really needed it as much as I used to. The good thing about being in a  place where you should be is that you don’t have the constant urge to escape from it. The downside is that you forget that your soul still needs a space for solitude. 

Remembering this, I’ve tried to carve out time for silence in my work week. But lately the desire to jset off on my own for a few days has been growing. Maybe it is due to the many things that I need to sort out. It is an exciting time in the business but it is also a crazy time. Some people thrive in this roller coaster phase but I like organized chaos better. And I need to make sense of all that’s been brewing in my head. 

So I just might pick up my bags on a whim and jet off somewhere for a few days to do all the stuff that I love to do- run, read, write, practice yoga, stay quiet, take long walks, get lost or do nothing at all. Some call it a detox. I see it more as refilling my cup so I can give more in all that I do. It is a fullness that ironically imbues me with a lightness that allows for openness and clarity. And in my current state, these are oh so needed. 

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