Wasting Time

Wasting time- so much negativity attached to these two words. It connotes passivity and mindlessness. It prompts people to shake their heads in disapproval for the time not spent doing things. It should’ve been better spent and maximized with activities. But mindfully whiling away the time is such joy, it’s value becoming apparent as we go back into a world of agenda. 

Last weekend was time wasted watching my kids happily playing with rocks and pebbles by the river for hours on end. If it weren’t for the risk of heatstroke, they would’ve kept on playing despite wrinkled fingers and toes from hours of swimming. They could’ve kept at it. And we thought kids had short attention spans. They are fully present at play, something we adults could learn a lot from. Oh to live life guided only by the ebbs and flows of what we feel like doing. 

Having moments of pause and presence allows us to fuel up on much needed recovery so we can plow through our weeks and months. The days and nights can be long but if we infuse these with time to replenish we can be “on” as much as we need to. Having no plans or a checklist of things to do is a worthwhile endeavor by itself. Wasting time isn’t so bad after all. 

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