Right Here, Right Now

This has been my mantra for the past two weeks. I haven’t been writing so I could focus on being just right here, right now. It was a practice of actively reminding myself to be present since my mind has not had the quiet that it needs. I think it’s almost that time when a forced period of solitude must be imposed. 

Unlike before when I would just escape and travel when I felt out of sorts, I’m fine staying put and carving out moments of silence to pull myself back together. But lately I’ve allowed myself to be swept by my own and others’ schedule and I haven’t had the chance to do a bit of introspection. That must be why the crowding and the holding has been a lot more palpable.

Being right here, right now is a way of reigning myself back so I can bask in a presence that rejuvenates my being. And it’s not only about instances of quiet reflection but also being fully attentive in all that we do at any given moment. It is being here wholeheartedly and wanting to be here fully. As I start on my birthday week, I pray for this as my way of being, every single day, every single moment. 

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