Present Heart

Yesterday’s reflection was about increasing the capacity for happiness despite varying realities that mark our days. It mentioned the two kinds of happiness- one is a happiness that springs from a specific cause while the other is happiness for no reason. The former is a more worldly kind, caused by our diverse interactions with the world, primarily through our senses. It may be the type more akin to pleasure. However, by being constantly open to these instances of joy, we get to create for ourselves a state of being happy for no reason, an overall sense of wellbeing. 

Tied to this kind of joy is the acceptance of the inevitable, that our reality is composed of both good and bad. We all know this as truth but we live attached to certain outcomes that is why we end up dejected and disappointed. Our happiness becomes hinged on results that we do not have full control over. The acceptance of this is not a passive surrender to what is but more of a mindful one that is open to possibility. As mentioned in the same reflection, it is a cooperation with the inevitable. 

It ties back to having a present heart, a call to presence and wholeheartedness. When we are attentive we are accepting and open but do so in our individual context, making the experience deeply personal and introspective. This by itself is a source of wellbeing, when you feel that you are where you ought to be at that very moment.  There is so much meaning in a specific instance when the self embraces and welcomes it fully. Such sweet joy to be in this state. 

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