Disrupted Routines

My mornings are sacred and I try as best I can to keep them from being random. The sense of control that I feel that I have despite being thrust into uncertainties springs from a set morning ritual. But for the past month I had to contend with varying states and circumstances that start my day. Not fun at all but it has taught me several lessons. 

It has taught me to improvise and make do with what I can manage and afford. This need for routine will be addressed by a club membership that I have been wanting to renew. Except that I can’t afford it. Instead of sulking, I managed to do Ashtanga yoga on my own and maximized my husband’s boxing trainer since he goes to our house anyway. It has also taught me to make sure I can manage to pay for things that I truly want. This goes back to knowing one’s essentials. 

This break from my routine has allowed me the space to assess which ones are working for me and which ones I do simply because I’ve gotten so used to doing them. There is always much value in taking a step back from the everyday. This is an important part of constant self assessment and honing. Overall, this experience has made me discover that I can manage with what I have. Not the most ideal of situations but I can continue to thrive and grow with what I’m given. 

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