Being Out There

I now say yes to every chance to be in front of an audience. Such is not my natural state and I’d rather be at the sidelines working on making sure the show carries on without any hitch. But I say yes now as an exercise of getting outside of what I know and deliberately choosing to do the uncomfortable. This is where growth starts. 

Today I will go up on stage to do my first improv performance. It’s not much if you think about it, just a bunch of games played in front of an audience. It is the act of putting myself up there that is daunting. Opening up to a state of vulnerability makes me cringe. But I’d like to frame this as excitement instead of gut wrenching nervousness. It’s the same sensation anyway. 

What is extra challenging is dealing with not being fully well from the bout of sickness that I’ve just had for the past weeks. I feel bloated and puffy. My energy is not at its optimal. But I decided to leave these at the door, to leave my ego behind and not make things about me. This is the gift of improv, to give up one’s self and make it about the story of giving. Instead I choose to make the other look good and just be generous with what I offer. Okay here goes nothing, and something! 

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