Path to Healing

For the past couple of weeks I have just been working on getting back to my optimal healthy state. Now I can say that I am grateful for the period of sickness because it served as a wake up call, jolting me to take stock of my choices. Perhaps I still had a good base to jump off from despite my immune system taking a beating that is why the path to healing has been easy. 

It was not hard to choose to eat healthier and to avoid my previous excesses. This made me realize that we can really curb our guilty pleasures if we set our minds to it. These are still choices that we have a handle on and not totally beyond our control. Food is really a key driver of wellbeing, more than exercise even. I am now at my lightest weight just by eating right. And this is while not training for any race. My gut feel has been much better too, literally and figuratively. 

I feel that I am ready to go back to training too. I’m much stronger but I need to get back to the rhythm and routine of preparing for a race, even if I really don’t have one. This does a lot to my overall healing, actually more on my psyche. I think doing so at this time will be ideal since I am riding on a good health momentum. I can’t wait to just get started. I actually miss feeling sore from a great workout. 

I’d like to stay on this path and maybe this is a time to also consider building up for an A-race. Maybe even qualifying for Boston again. We’ll see:) 

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