Daily Things We Fall in Love With 

I just finished listening to a podcast interview featuring my new favorite person Maira Kalman. She is a visual artist who delights in the beauty of everyday things. Her illustrations depict joy and whimsy while tackling serious themes. What’s struck me in this particular conversation was the topic on the daily things that we fall in love with.

As children we reveled in all the things around us. The mundane is extraordinary, the everyday sublime. We seem to lose this as we grow older but then try to regain it back as we feel the signs of aging. We try to curb our impulse to rush and rebel against the tendency to keep up with the rest. I’d like to do it sooner rather than later and would want to subscribe instead to a daily dose of falling in love.

So what captivated my attention this morning? The morning drive with my kids was laughter-filled, my Uber driver was right on time, the coffee place that comforts me had my favorite nook available, the cappuccino was divine, the chocolate croissant was crisp and chewy at the same time, I look great in my simple shift dress, I can write again. So many wonderful things and it’s just 7am. I hope these imprint my soul so I remember to have both the little and big things capture my fancy. I think this is a great way to live, finding true spaces, amidst uncertainty, in our day to day. 

Illustration by Maira Kalman

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